Planning shapes the places where people work, live and learn, so it is right that the local community should take an active part in the planning process.

So in order to give the local community the best possible chance to contribute to the planning process we have designed a consultation programme that will:

  • Provide everyone with access to information
  • Encourage everyone to fully understand the site’s main characteristics, including its opportunities and constraints and play an active role in developing site proposals and options
  • Allow everyone to put forward their own ideas and feel confident that there is a suitable process for the consideration of them
  • Allow everyone to comment on formal proposals
  • Provide everyone with feedback about the outcomes of past events and keep everyone informed about the progress made with the project

It is intended that consulting with the community will involve a number of phases.

Phase 1 will focus on understanding the community’s needs and potential concerns and to establishing the variety of constraints and opportunities for Connaught Barracks.  The envisaged outcome of phase 1 is to have a framework with clear parameters about what can be achieved at the site.

Later phases will also encourage the community to comment on, and be heavily involved in, specific plans being drawn up.

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