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  1. I would like to see the area managed for nature conservation. This could easily be compatible with the historic use of the landscape such as through grazing and coppicing. Their could be an environmental centre offering training and education, managing historic grazing breeds that could then be sold on as conservation grade or even organic meat. There could be furniture/firewood made and sold from coppiced material. The end result would be of benefit for people, wildlife and the landscape, it could also be the site for a small community of eco homes fussing new and old technology to offer the best for families and the environment. Or maybe even a eco holiday village where people have the opportunity to learn conservation techniques on site.

    There is a lot you can do – but overall the majority of land should be left open semi natural habitat. Happy to discuss any of this futher.

  2. As a local resident (within Castle Ward) I should be very interested in participating in one of the site tours on Saturday 15th November.
    Either one is OK.
    Any detailed ideas of my own regarding the site I would prefer to keep until after I have seen it – however, I hope some development of Fort Burgoyne as a sightseeing destination will figure in plans (conveniently near Castle).
    Thank you

    Ian Taylor

  3. Having lived in Dover all my life,i feel that much history outside of the castle has been The Western Heights for one,Landon Cliffs etc.It would be fantastic if Fort Burgoyne could take on the role that Fort Amhurst has played at Chatham and become “living” history.Workshops guided tours etc,and of course to keep the place in good order.With the Castle just a stones through away it would make a wonderful tourist destination.My wife and i would like to be able to join the tour on Nov 15th,
    Thank You

    Richard Keeler

  4. As a part of Dover residency what I would like to suggest if it is possible it would be best idea to have this Connaught barracks as a well organise hospital. Because this area is peace, and well known area for all people rather then there in Buckland. we have lots of so many facilities such as lots of well organised building to set up as a deferent ward and clinics, we have plenty of room for car parking, we have helicopter lend marked encase of if we need emergency categories casualties need to pick up drop up. And we don’t need to worried about disturb for any residency as well. Or can be use as college or school rather then demolishing this historical area and changed in to residence

    thank you

  5. Dear Katherine,
    I am a local man living in Burgoyne Heights and I would like to attend on preview day on 15th Nov 08. Could you pelase register for me at 10:30 if there is a place avalable. Many thanks.

  6. I am interested in hearing the future plans for Fort burgoyne as opposed to the newer connaught barracks. Since its use in World war 2, it has barely changed, it would be a waste in my opinion to lose such an amazing structure. If you could reply with the future plans I would be most appriciative. Many thanks

  7. I agree with R.Keeler 08/10/08 Dover has much more history other than our Castle,enough that if it was maintained (& not treated as the poor cousin to the Castle ) would draw many more visitorsto Dover,The Roman Painted House, St James,St Marys,Grand Shaft etc, which can only restore our ailing town. This area would not just draw people for its own historic value but would be a perfect area to place a living museum (one only has to look at the success of Beamish) Thus providing local employment & displaying crafts, what a tremendous draw it would offer to our neighbours across the channel also. Lets show off our History & Heritage!

  8. My comments are focused on military history and military establishments and architecture. In Connaught Barracks/Fort Burgoyne there are two examples of the provision of barracks for the British Army. Although perhaps associated with the Napoleonic era keep in mind that in the 19th century Fort Burgoyne was frequently used to house the rank and file soldiers of regiments stationed at the Castle. Many of us will have grandfathers & great grandfathers who were billeted in the Fort and it remains one of the few examples in Britain of a casemate type barracks. In recent times, many similar barracks in Britain have been destroyed during redevelopment and one has only to look to the Western Heights to see the tragic loss to Heritage of the former barracks that once stood there. For example what a tourist attraction the Grand Shaft could have been if it had been maintained. In Connaught Barracks we have examples of the development of better housing for soldiers, improvements that driven by public opinion forcing the governments of the day to provide better and healthier facilities for soldiers stationed in Dover. One hopes that before Connaught Barracks is redeveloped there will be a photo archive created for future generations to see what the barracks was like.
    In 1998 English Heritage drew attention to the continuing loss of the architecture associated with Barracks and their role in Society and so this consultation program for Connaught Barracks is to be applauded for the awareness of the need to preserve the architecture of Britain’s military heritage.
    As for me, I do not live in Dover, but I, along with many other people do visit Dover and its environs to seek out places of our “forgotten” Victorian military hsitory.
    Please keep Fort Burgoyne, maintain it as a heritage site, a fine example of a casemate barracks that provided a less than ideal place, and perhaps seriously unhealthy place at times for soldiers to live in. Fort Burgoyne is a fine example of how housing for soldiers was considered to be a relatively low priority by the nation’s most senior officers, until social pressure in 1855 brought about improvemnts in barrack architecture.
    Whilst the castle provides an excellent example of early history and the the needs of a defensive structure, Fort Burgoyne can become a great heritage site with the opportunity to show how soldiers co-existed with Society and a place where many visitor’s ancestors will more than likely have “lived” for some proportion of their life whilst serving with a victorian regiment of the British Army.

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