One vision

The Connaught Barracks site is located to the north of Dover town centre and adjacent to Dover Castle. It covers a total area of 54.5 hectares, of which 12.5 hectares have been identified as a developable area.

The remainder of the site consists of Fort Burgoyne, a Scheduled Ancient Monument and large areas of open land to the north and west of the developable area and the Fort.

Aerial view of Connaught Barracks site

Aerial view of Connaught Barracks site

One vision is that the development of Connaught Barracks might deliver a minimum of 500 new homes and be an exemplar project in terms of partnership working, environmental design and sustainability standards.

The intention is that the new development will complement and enhance the setting and historic character of the site and have a positive impact on the immediate surroundings and Dover in general.

This is one vision for the site.

Redevelopment objectives

The objectives for the redevelopment of the Connaught Barracks site are to:

  • secure the long term future of the Schedule Ancient Monument (Fort Burgoyne) plus maintenance and management arrangements
  • provide a better quality and range of local housing solutions in Dover, including more family units and help broaden the appeal of Dover’s housing market
  • encourage more businesses and developers to invest in Dover
  • deliver a development site which incorporates high environmental and sustainability standards – demonstrating to the market how these standards can be delivered in a way which does not undermine the viability of the site
  • progress a development that will have a positive impact on Dover’s image as a gateway to the UK
  • offer a significant opportunity for Dover to achieve their growth targets and ensure the economic/social regeneration of the area
  • progress a development that offers the opportunity to link up cultural and economic investment in the town.
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